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122 Pages 8 1/2" X 11"
Spiral Bound

Essential Spanish for the
Speech-Language Pathologist Workbook

Our first book covering a plethora of important information that all SLPs must have if they have Spanish speaking caseloads.

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Information covered includes:

Part 1: Common Category Vocabulary Worksheets
Animals, Birthday Vocabulary, Body Parts, Calendar Items/Numbers/Seasons, Clothing, Colors, Community Place, Computer, Concepts, The Family, Foods & Drinks, Garden, Household Items, Musical Instruments, Occupations, Office Supplies, Oral Awareness, School Vocabulary, Shapes, Sports, Storybook Characters, Tools, Toys, Transportation, Weather

Part 2: Spanish 101
Greetings, Nouns - Definite & Indefinite Articles, Adjectives, Pronouns, Present, Tense of Regular Verbs, Preterite of Regular Verb, Imperfect tense of Regular Verbs, Conjugated Verb Chart

Part 3: Articulation Verbal Prompts
Bilabial Sounds, Labiodental Sounds, Labial/Velar Sounds, Interdental/Linguadental Sounds, Lingua-Alveolar Sounds, Voiced Lingua-Alveolar Sounds, Alveolar Sounds, Palatal Sounds, Velar Sounds

Part 4: Commands (Frequently used requests)
Art Activities, Bathroom Commands, Behavior Commands, Computer Commands, Music Commands, Oral Motor Commands, Conjugated Commands Verb Chart

Part 5: Caregiver Handouts
Parentís permission to evaluate (Form 1 of 2), Parentís permission to evaluate (Form 2 of 2), Form if child was tested and does not qualify for speech-language services, Form if child qualifies for speech-language services. (Form 1 of 2), Form to obtain signature to place child in therapy - Agreement with IEP (Form 2 of 2), Bilingual Oral Motor Exercises, Dysphagia Handouts, Bilingual Long and Short Term Treatment Goals

Part 6: Anatomical Information
The Ear, The Mouth, The Larynx

Part 7: Spanish Pronunciation Key

44 Pages 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"

Essential Spanish for the
Speech-Language Pathologist
& Audiologist Dictionary.

Our 44 page dictionary covers important terminology for today's busy professionals! Clear and concise English to Spanish translations along with part of speech.

This book is used by an abundant number of already bilingual professionals who want to learn anatomical, educational and medical terminologies.

The book also includes many common diagnoses in Spanish.

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92 Pages 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"

Essential Spanish
For The Occupational Therapist
A Bilingual Resource
of Key Terminology
Phrases & Goals for Intervention

This new book from makes it easy to find the translation of terms that occupational therapists frequently use with children and adults with this quick reference Spanish dictionary.  Essential Spanish is an extensive guide to basic vocabulary words.  Includes vocabulary terms to address basic concepts, fine motor skills, food and kitchen items, sensory goals, a pronunciation key, and more.  This valuable resource also has examples of bilingual treatment goals, home activities, and bonus blank pages for your own notes.  92 pages. Softcover.

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Item Number: ESS05

Volume Discounts Available on purchases of
15 or more books.*  Write us for details

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